Your old phone is probably better at taking calls than your flashy modern smartphone

“Why are many individuals coming back to the mobile phones? The smaller, more pocket-accommodating size, the battery that keeps going one to two weeks, and, in case you’re not meticulous, alternatives that can even now be purchased at a little cost.  A significant number of you may at present have maybe a couple of these more seasoned telephones kicking around in a drawer some place.  Now might be the time to sell it or perhaps even start using it again.”

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Smartphones can do so much these days, whether it’s downloading apps or taking photographs, but a study has found that our fancy, modern handsets are actually not as good as old mobile phones in one crucial area.

According to research commissioned by Ofcom, budget handsets and mobiles from a decade ago are actually better at picking up weaker signals than luxury smartphones.

The study was carried out on a selection of smartphones and non-smartphones currently available to buy, showing that the basic handsets had better signal performance than their flashier counterparts.

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