Xiaomi Mi Note gets benchmarked, overtakes the Mi 4

If you are into gadgets, you probably have heard of Xiaomi taking over Samsung and Apple in terms of sales for the past few months. This brand has been taking a lot of positive feedback due to its efficient performance and cheaper price. Just take a look of these two new phablets launched just yesterday. You might want to get a new one for yourself.


A few hours ago, Xiaomi took the wraps off its two new phablets – the Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro. While the latter comes with the best possible specs for this day and age, the “lower-end” Mi Note is probably worthy of flagship status too, despite not coming with the latest chipset or screen resolution.

It will be cheaper than the Pro model, though, which could mean it’s going to be good enough for many people. And if you were wondering how it performs in benchmarks, we already have the answer for you.

Xiaomi Mi Note AnTuTu benchmark results

Someone was kind enough to put the Mi Note through the paces of the AnTuTu benchmark while playing with it at Xiaomi’s …


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