Wood Furniture: How To Take Care of Them

Wood furniture is a furniture type that must continually be maintained. If not, the furniture will be heady damaged. The necessity for treatment is as a result of environmental conditions and weather conditions are extremely influential on the surface of the furniture. For the treatment of furniture not only made for a clean surface from the dust, but in addition to maintain the surface that does not tickle your goals.

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Water and wood don’t always get along. Standing water can ruin wood floors. Damp, dirty rags could leave streaks on wood. And many chemicals, even those diluted with water, may ruin the finish of wood furniture. Wiping down furniture should be part of routine maintenance when it is time to clean the room it is in. Be sure to do it often and be careful how you do it. Make use of a very clean cloth. A reusable rag can also work yet sometimes the best bet is to use a heavy paper towel to be certain it will be clean enough. If there is any dirt in the rag it can leave streaks which will make even clean wood furniture looking dirty.

For you to prevent scuff on furniture, put objects on trivets, tablecloths, doilies or others covers to protect the finish. Utilize felt bottoms on lamps as well as other ornamental objects especially ceramic objects because they are very abrasive. Avoid bright red felt since its color could leach in to the wood through the finish. Utilize water based wood glue to stick the felt on objects. A few chemicals in self-stick adhesives used on felt can cause a reaction that softens or melts the finish. Use place mats or a table cloth to protect the finish from plates and silverware.

Usually put over an oil finish but also wax helps make the wood furniture stand out and enhances durability by taking the brunt of water spots. If the wax layer is damaged, it is possible to get rid off of it and utilize another coat. Don’t know how? Visit some sites to determine how it is done. Regardless of whether there are no water spots or scratches it is often good to apply a new coat of wax once a year to eliminate the dirt and dust of day to day life.

Wood furniture looks great and could be very costly. Keep it looking new for years this means you don’t need to have it professionally cleaned or worse, replaced. Be sure you wipe down wood furniture regularly with a clean, damp rag. Make use of lemon oils like Old English on anything wood, not furniture polish. Polishes could look nice for a while. However over time they will leave a dull coating that oil does not. Should you take care of your wood furniture it can look nice for several years, even generations.