What Your Sofa Style Says About You

Did you ever thought how your sofas can be related to your personality? Well, let’s find out from this article! I guess after reading this, we will be diligent in selecting the style of our sofa.

The way we decorate says a lot about our personalities. When people walk into our homes they often get a pretty good sense of who we are. And perhaps no single item says more about us than the sofa. Not only is it a decorative item, but the sofa style speaks quite a bit to how we use our spaces.

Different sofa styles suit different decorating styles, and oftentimes the style of sofa chosen is related to a room’s overall decor style. Yet still, the sofa style we choose says quite a bit about who we are. Whether it’s a traditional roll arm sofa, an antique settee, or a large chesterfield, a lot can be gleaned from the sofa you choose for your home.

So the question is, what does your sofa style say about you?

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