What Are the Dangers of Radiation During Pregnancy?

“Modern technology has undeniable benefits to technology and our electronics can be great tools to help us through pregnancy. It is likely an over-reaction to eliminate these things from our daily lives. It is important to keep the risks from low-level radiation in context with other known risks. The dangers from poor nutrition or alcohol consumption are likely much greater than those from radiation exposure; but when there are easy things to do to reduce exposure, we should avoid taking unnecessary risk.”

Pregnancy woman talking on cell, laptop in lap

With so much conflicting evidence out there regarding radiation and its impact on our health, what should or shouldn’t we be concerned about? This topic has received an increasing amount of attention recently from scientists, politicians, and the media. However, today, all we can say with certainty is that we are not certain what the health risks are, leaving many expecting parents confused.

New legislation has been sprouting up around the country to require labeling on cell phones about their radiation levels and potential health risks. Globally, countries such as Australia, Finland, Israel, France, and others have taken steps to ban or reduce usage by young children.

Much of this is in response to new studies and assessments of long-term cell phone use by the World Health Organization and European Commission. The concern stems from how rapidly we have moved towards wireless technology. Ten years ago cell phones, laptops and wireless networks were not commonplace. Today they are everywhere.

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