Valentine’s Day Special: 12 Ideas for a Romantic Dinner for Two

Valentines is indeed a very exciting and most awaited moment for couples to celebrate love. However, isn’t it frustrating sometimes to go into a restaurant and all the seats are already occupied? Or perhaps you couldn’t get any reservations as many have already reserved ahead of you. Well, have you ever thought of just cooking at home instead? Valentines are not merely to be celebrated outside as you have it also at home.


Get your romantic meal started with our delicious yakitori made with scallops, mushrooms, and scallions. Don’t overcook the scallops; just a few minutes over the heat will do the trick.

scallops yakitori
2. Mussels South of Two Borders

Prince Edward Island may account for a healthy share of the world’s mussel production, but this recipe takes those mollusks farther south for a Latin American preparation that combines chorizo, chiles, and beer.


3. Pasta with Pumpkin-Sage Cream Sauce

Aromatic sage pairs well with pumpkin puree to make a creamy pasta sauce your Valentine is sure to love.

pasta with pumpkin-sage cream sauce

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