This is the new Sony Walkman

In earlier generation, before IPods and Smart phones popularized, there were walkmans. When you want to enjoy your favorite artist’s music on the go, then Walkman is your best bet. But these gadgets just fade out when new technology came in. Now Sony Company who has been the wide distributor of Walkman before are now ready to set again a new mp3 player for this newer generation. Introducing the new Sony Walkman!





All signs pointed to a new Sony Walkman (literally) at CES 2015, and the signs didn’t lie. The new Walkman ZX2 is real, and it’s designed exclusively with high-end audiophiles in mind — as Sony puts it themselves, this is “the fruit of continuous refinement in high audio quality technologies.”

A lot of people like the design of the ZX1, Sony’s previous flagship Walkman. I wasn’t one of them. But I love the new ZX2. I love the texture of its matte black casing. I love the playback buttons carved …


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