Things To Know About Chimney Caps

If you are putting the finishing touches on a new home or reviewing your winterizing checklist for an older home, an important detail to be aware of is the chimney cap. Whether you must recap an existing chimney or pick the best one for new construction, you can avoid headaches later on by making sure your home has a dependable chimney cap in place now.”

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For those who possess a home, most importantly in cold countries, you may undoubtedly have to deal with a fireplace. There are plenty of components of a fireplace; one of these are chimneys and their caps. Normally, it is the very last thing you think of on your home or while purchasing a home. Yet it may cause as much harm as good if it’s not maintained correctly. Here are few points which I wish to highlight.

What is a chimney cap and why do I even need one?

Chimney caps are an attractive and practical addition to install on a residence. They are going to add exterior looks and be worth the monetary investment for countless years. A Chimney Cap does several different things. It keeps animals, birds, leaves, debris and snakes from getting into your Chimney. It will also stop some “down-drafts” of air that would normally rush down the Chimney leading to smoke to enter your property. First and foremost, a Chimney Cap keeps rain from entering your Chimney, avoiding a small “lake” inside the firebox area and deteriorating the firebox floor. If you have Gas Logs, you definitely have to have a Chimney Cap. A Chimney Cap keeps the rain off the pricey gas log burner unit. If this has a remote control system, the rain will cause it to fail, costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs. And, in case you are burning the gas logs while it is raining, the rain hitting the ceramic logs can cause them to crack or break under the extreme heat change.

How do I choose the right cap for my home?

The first step to find yourself a chimney cap is determining which kind of chimney your house has. This tends to evaluate which type of chimney cap will fit best. The most common type of chimney is a masonry chimney, that’s constructed of brick, stone, or concrete. Metal Chimneys or factory-built chimneys are mass-produced, typically have a pre-fit chimney cap, and must be used with one, simply because that metal is less resilient with regards to Mother Nature’s elements.

What legalities do I need to know about my chimney cap?

Before every winter season the householder should do their share and execute a inspection of the exterior stack and the interior of the fireplace, however, this isn’t necessarily an alternative to a professional inspection. Should any worn mortar, cracking or peeling of the exterior of the chimney stack be visible, the chimney should totally be inspected by a professional before first use of the season. Inspection comes really important if you want to sell the home.