These 7 clever gadgets will help you keep track of your valuables

“If you lost an item that is very important to you, technology has a best solution for that. A small device that will help you to locate a valuable item is attached to it that has a big chance to be lost such as your laptop, car keys or wallet.”

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It always seems like you’re losing your wallet or keys, right? Technology finally has a solution for that. One of the latest crowdfunding trends is small devices that are for affixing to valuable items that are likely to be lost such as your laptop, car keys or wallet to help you locate them when lost.

The idea is that you attach something to whatever is important to you — such as a handbag or your keys — and register the object with an application on your phone using Bluetooth. Once registered, whenever you open the app (or go out of range of the object) you’ll be able to track where it was and receive an alert with the last known location.

There are lots of different ways to do that tracking and different form factors of the device so we’ve rounded the latest up for you to make an easier decision. After the jump we’ve got a look at the options available and which ones have the best features.

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