The Ultimate Guide in Shopping for the Best Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are electronic units used to store bottles of wine in ideal conditions to preserve the wine’s flavour and aroma for up to one year. All the variables that maintain wine as its optimum quality can be controlled by a wine cooler such as temperature and humidity levels.


Whether you prefer to do so while watching Netflix at home or in the company of friends, there’s no denying that we all prefer to have wine that’s chilled instead of warm. Wine that is taken straight out of a cooler tastes a lot more on the crisp side.

And although we’ve been accustomed to drinking white wine chilled and red wine in room temperature, you would want red wine to be chilled so that you won’t be able to perceive the alcohol that much.

Moreover, temperature of wine can affect its longevity. When it is subjected to temperatures higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, wine will age faster and this will affect its taste. And if gets exposed to overly hot temperature, it may get “cooked” that can result into a flat aroma and flavor.

That’s why people who love wines and have wine bottles at home invest in wine coolers. The best wine coolers can keep your wines at optimal temperature without burning a hole in your pockets.

However, you should know that a wine cooler is different from a walk-in wine cellar. The former, also called a wine refrigerator, is designed for short-term storage. It’s where you place wines that you are to serve during your upcoming party, for example.

At the most, a wine cooler can keep your wines cool for a year. And it is a lot better than the standard food refrigerator in keeping wine at consistent, cool temperature.

On the other hand, a walk-in wine cellar is for long term storage. This is for long-term storage. If you love wines and you intend to keep yours for years, then you should invest in a wine cellar as it can maintain a consistent temperature.

Of course, a wine cooler won’t cost that much as a walk-in wine cellar.


Before you shop for a wine cooler, you must be familiar first with the different types of wine chillers. There are three types of wine chillers—free standing, countertop, and built in.

The countertop wine cooler is considered the cheapest of the three types. It’s compact and quiet. However, it doesn’t have a lot of features aside from having a very small capacity. This is an entry-level wine storage that should suit you if you see yourself storing only a handful of wine bottles.

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