The Right Septic Riser For Your Home

A septic riser is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a part of material that rises from the septic tank, so it is a few feet below ground, up to surface level. Septic risers are important. If you want your septic tank pumped or examined you does not need to drill down a hole in the ground in order to find the lid to your tank. Not to mention, if you’re not able to dig the hole yourself you will need to pay out someone else to get it done. If you had a septic riser, life would be easier and much cheaper as you wouldn’t need to call plumbers every now and then.

There are generally 3 types of septic tank risers on the market. These 3 are concrete, PVC and polyethylene. They differ substantially in price and sturdiness. It is a great idea to pick the very best septic tank riser that you can afford.

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Polyethylene septic tank risers are a material used and perhaps the most famous one. This material gets the benefit of being resistant to soil and chemical corrosion, as well as not being prone to rust. Polyethylene risers are also thoroughly sealed by a gasket, both stopping water from getting in and stopping gases from escaping.

The septic risers made out of PVC could be considered the most common one because their light weight is simple to handle as well as a good seal is easy to acquire. Since PVC is a relatively light material, set up is made easy. Much like the polyethylene models, PVC is sealed and waterproof.

Last are the concrete septic risers. These risers tend to be heavy and difficult to set up. The lids to these risers are heavy also. More problems with the concrete risers is they are susceptible to leaking. They could also be unsightly on your property.

These 3 different types of septic risers vary in cost, but take into account that this is not the time to concentrate on your pocketbook. If you purchase the cheapest septic riser you’ll find I can almost guarantee that you will be replacing it with a more expensive one in a few years. Concrete risers, which are the cheapest, tend to leak and erode and may be failing to do their job within a few years. When it comes to septic risers you are much better off to purchase a higher-quality riser to avoid expenses related to a failing septic riser later on.