The Health Benefits of Indoor Plants Are Pretty Ridiculous

“Indoor plants have also been shown to reduce the number of sick days taken by staff and improve job satisfaction in office environments. Just one plant is linked with a reduction in feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, confusion, fatigue and stress.”

Tis the season to hibernate indoors for the foreseeable future—at least until meteorologists stop throwing around terms like “bomb cyclone” and “icy tundra” to describe current conditions. But while heading outside might feel like a special kind of torture, it’s also not entirely necessary to reap the benefits of spending time in nature.

Indoor plants don’t just provide some welcome escapism from ankle-deep slush puddles—they can actually improve your overall health, to boot. Scientists have found that just looking at greenery can help reduce anxiety and pain, so consider this your excuse to build a bona fide jungle in your living room…

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