Technology in 2015 – the new gadgets coming your way

“The 2015 show drew out a huge amount of truly astounding new gadgets and advances. It would appear that our future is just showing signs of improvement with the new creative devices that are coming our direction. So a large number of these are made to make our lives less demanding and to settle little issues that we encounter once a day.

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Smarter appliances, cars, watches and virtual reality. All paid for with a swipe of your smartphone? 2015 may make it a reality

The smart-home

The Internet of Things (IoT) has, for some time, suggested the interconnectivity of otherwise separate devices and ecosystems; connected devices improving the practicality of our day to day lives. 2015 will see the IoT come to a domestic setting in a big way – with connected devices pulling the idea of the smart home sharply into focus. Thanks to prospective pushes from the likes of LG and Samsung, the smart home market looks set for sudden growth. The industry drive may mean surges in home sensor and security products (accessed and controlled via a smartphone). But it will also mean more smart devices aimed at monitoring utilities and home systems, aiding productivity and delivering entertainment.

Smart appliances

A smart home needs smart gadgets and appliances. Entertainment, security and utilities are areas offering ample room for market development next year, but appliances and in-home gadgets offer even more. Bosch is one of the names which could kick-start a year filled with smart appliances. The company is the main sponsor of the smart-home section of January’s CES show too. Nest Labs, Philips, Belkin, Electrolux and others will be attending Las Vegas’ annual technology show in January, as products such as the Vessyl smart cup launch to market. With almost every area of our lives destined to become smarter this year, be prepared for appliances to get the technology treatment and be smarter as a result.

Mobile payments

It’s pretty much inevitable that smartphone mobile payments will become widespread, though they have yet to take off in the UK. But such services should be grabbing headlines throughout 2015. Apple appears ever-so-close to the UK roll-out of its Apple Pay service. And, in spite of the advent of Android, the iPhone manufacturer is still highly influential when breaking such ground. The launch of Apple Pay won’t be useful for everybody, but mobile payments as a whole will undoubtedly benefit. Services such as Zapp for Android are eyeing 2015 launches, and EE’s Cash on Tap service is laying the foundations for a year where every transaction from train journeys to chewing gum could get the mobile treatment.

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