Taiwan-based IC Designers Scramble to Get a Piece of the USB Type-C Market

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Apple’s newest 12-inch MacBook combines the connections to most peripherals and power onto a single USB Type-C interface. For the moment, Type-C has a chance to establish itself as the dominant connection interface, and in the near future it is likely to be on a host of devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other PC periphery products (e.g. printers and projectors). The widespread adoption of USB Type-C will also drive up the demands for matching chip solutions. Based on the coverage of Taiwanese media outlets, there are over ten Taiwanese IC design houses that are doing R&D on Type-C chip products.

Related reporting from DigiTimes indicates that the providers of Type-C chips will be able to take advantage of the growing demands this year. DigiTimes further breaks down the Type-C suppliers into five groups listed below.

Group #1: ASMedia Technology, Genesys Logic, Prolific Technology, Alcor Micro, and other Taiwanese IC design companies that specialize in USB controller chips

Group #2: Faraday Technology, GUC, Alchip Technologies, and other longtime IP providers of ASIC and SoC designs

Group #3: Realtek, Etron Technology, and other IC design houses that scramble to take advantage of the opportunities related to Type-C adoption

Group #4: Richtek Technology, GMT, Leadtrend, and other ..


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