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Xiaomi files a patent for new fingerprint technology, could end up on Mi5

Passcode is out, fingerprint is in! It all started with IPhone, now it’s been widely followed by the market. The latest news is that Xiaomi also got the patent for this technology, meaning we will be expecting fingerprint censored Xiaomi devices in the future.


Xiaomi has made all the right moves in the past two years, now transforming itself as a global tech company. The Xiaomi Mi4 sold pretty well in China as well as international markets and it looks like its successor, the Xiaomi Mi5 could integrate a fingerprint sensor on its home button, much like the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

xioami fingerprint patent

The news comes directly from the State Intellectual Property Office website of China wherein Xiaomi technology Limited Liability company has registered a patent for a touch buttons and fingerprint implementation method, device and mobile device. So, it looks like the company is all set to its own fingerprint tech on its upcoming devices.

xiaomi fingerprint patent 02

The patent application (No. 2015100507538) says that the primary purpose of the patented technology is to integrate fingerprint recognition into the touch button. So, instead of a rear sensor that we have seen on many …


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Xiaomi unveils next generation smart home device designs

“Looking for a new mart home equipment? Well, here’s a sneak peak of what Xiaomi’s will bring to its loyal customers. Right now, Xiaomi’s isn’t just focusing on their gadgets but right now they are also expanding to different industries.”


xiaomi sensor window

Xiaomi has revealed new designs for Internet of Things (IoT) devices based on Marvell chipsets.

Announced on Monday and showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the Chinese tech giant — known as a dominant smartphone designer in China and producer of low-end handsets — said it has launched a new smart module built on the Marvell IoT chipset.

Integrated within Xiaomi’s smart air purifier and smart hub, part of its portfolio of smart home product offerings, the new design aims to boost Xiaomi’s Internet of Things (IoT) product range by extending devices with improvements and upgrades. The new module, based on Marvell’s processor designs, supports multiple IoT functions including power on device detect, firmware upgrades, network reliability and consistency maintenance of the connection status indication.

Xiaomi hopes the new design, which also integrates Wi-Fi connections and communication protocols with …


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Xiaomi Mi Note gets benchmarked, overtakes the Mi 4

If you are into gadgets, you probably have heard of Xiaomi taking over Samsung and Apple in terms of sales for the past few months. This brand has been taking a lot of positive feedback due to its efficient performance and cheaper price. Just take a look of these two new phablets launched just yesterday. You might want to get a new one for yourself.


A few hours ago, Xiaomi took the wraps off its two new phablets – the Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro. While the latter comes with the best possible specs for this day and age, the “lower-end” Mi Note is probably worthy of flagship status too, despite not coming with the latest chipset or screen resolution.

It will be cheaper than the Pro model, though, which could mean it’s going to be good enough for many people. And if you were wondering how it performs in benchmarks, we already have the answer for you.

Xiaomi Mi Note AnTuTu benchmark results

Someone was kind enough to put the Mi Note through the paces of the AnTuTu benchmark while playing with it at Xiaomi’s …


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