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How to Choose the Best Water Purifier

I assume that you’ve reached the point where you already need to have a water purifier. For those who find it confusing what to consider because this is just not a simple appliance or fixture at your home, then this post is for you.

Even though there isn’t any established definition for a best water purification, I believe it’s the one that have the ability to remove impurities and  maximum efficiency. It needs to be cost efficient too.

You have to be aware that you can find those water purifiers linked straight to your water sources and you’ll find those who are individually attached a certain area. Whatever the type, take a look at these guidelines in setting up for your house.

1.Considering the fact that there are already various filtration techniques, it is necessary that you test your water first. A great tap water filter has to be able to get rid of all kinds of toxins in your household water.

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Also, consider multi stage system simply because they give you the cleanest water and also have the advantage of leaving in valuable minerals just like potassium. They do not simply just go to one purification technique.

2. Toxins in water may lead to a number of illnesses, and many are known harmful toxins. Truly clean water can deliver many benefits. This is why we must make certain that minerals in the water we drink remain. Some filtration technique does remove contaminants but it also removes the natural mineral content of the water.

3. In discovering a good water purifier, it will always be wise to conduct your own little research. Go through some reviews and testimonials of home owners like you to provide you with a background on different products. In this manner, you quickly screen your choices.

4. Look into the background of the organization which you will trust. Instead of going by the brand name or popularity, it is far better to count on the companies which have been recognized by customer awards and honors.

5. One more thing when it comes to water purification is the maintenance. You can find those methods that certainly involve professional to check and repair it. You can aquire an inexpensive system however you have no clue that it could cost you more in the end. Therefore, you need to ensure if you are willing and able to pay for the upkeep of such.

Explore the options in terms of water purification. You can check on your plumbing contractors what the best approach is for your property is. You may even check the internet for further ideas in regards to this.

Whatever your selection may be, all that you should ensure would be to get a purifier that will provide the things you need without costing you a lot of cash and time.

What you need to know before buying a water purifier

The way to the best water purifiers in the market is not outlined in a map, but there are reviews that can help you in your search.


Water being the most vital element of our life, its purity should be accorded the highest priority by each of us.  Water is our Life Line. Many diseases in the third world are either water-borne or due to contaminated water. Unlike the western countries where tap water is safe for drinking, the water that comes through taps in the developing world is unfit for drinking. Every household thus requires a water purification system.

With the market being flooded with water purifiers each promising the purest drinking water, it’s tough to select one. Unlike any other appliance the purchase of a water purifier requires much more deliberation because it involves the health and safety of you and your family. The most important factors to consider is the quality of water, filter type and purification method. Our guide will help you to select a purifier which is the best for you and your family so that you don’t compromise with the health of your loved ones.

Water is purified by any one or a combination of the following methods.

Pre-filtration:  Prior to main filtration, the water is made to go through a pre-filter. The design of pre-filters is such that it removes dust, silt and sediments from the water. A pre-filter is rated by the size of particles (expressed in microns)it can eliminate.

  • Improves the efficiency of the main filter(RO/UV)
  • Prevents damage to the main filter
  • Boosts the life of the main filter

Sediment filtration: It uses the principle of gravity for filtration. When water passes through the filter, suspended particles get trapped onto the surface of the filter.

  • Used for pre filtration In RO filters.
  • It requires regular filter replacement.

Activated Carbon filtration (AC): Carbon granules or blocks are charged with silver molecules.  When water passes through this filter, impurities are trapped in the pores of the filter.

  • The particle size that the filter can trap is specified in the filter description.
  • Used as pre-filters
Filter system for water treatment with glasses of clean and dirty water on bright background

RO + Sediment filter system for water treatment with glasses of clean and dirty water

Reverse Osmosis(RO) 

How it works: water pressure forces water molecules through a semi permeable membrane having extremely tiny pores of a certain size(measured in microns).


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Water Filtration System


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I think that you have reached the stage where you by now require a water purifier. If you find it confusing what to consider since this is just not a simple appliance or fixture at home, then this article is for you. Though there are a number of considerations when having the best water purifier, one thing is needed to be ensured and that is the efficiency in taking away toxins. Not only that, it will be also cost-effective to the home owners.

It’s important to understand that you will find those water purifiers connected directly to your water sources and there are those who are individually attached a particular area. In spite of the type, check these tips in installing for your home.

1. Since there are already different purification tactics, it is vital that you test your water first. A great tap water filtration system must be able to eliminate all sorts of contaminants in your household water.

Furthermore, you can find most out of your money from multistage home water purifiers and filters. It is known to possess a combination of carbon filtration, in addition to ion exchange and sub-micron filtration, for the task we want them to do.

2. While looking for water purifier, you have to ensure that it won’t filter out virtually everything like the good things like trace minerals that our bodies need. We spend a lot of money in supplements annually to be sure that our bodies get enough of these minerals. Therefore it is so ironic once we put something in our plumbing that can eliminate what the body needs.

3. Look at the customer testimonies available for the product. They can be by far the very best and a fair opinion that you can get right from the consumers. It is something which can be relied upon.

4. A little background of the company you wish to work with is certainly a sensible approach. You should look on their past works and exactly how satisfied their customers are. By knowing this, you can be sure that their job is of top quality and satisfactory.

5. Be sure to look into the maintenance cost of the filter before you buy or do the installation. This really is important particularly for those products which are available at a low onetime cost but might cost more on the long run.

Explore your choices with regards to water purification. You can check on your local plumbers what the best approach is for your property is. You may even look online for further ideas in regards to this. Since this way you’re buying straight from the manufacturer, it can save you some huge cash. Therefore explore these choices and pick the right water filter for your home.