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Top Secret Tiny Tech: 11 of the Stealthiest Spy Gadgets

“Do you have someone for whom you need a present but would classify as naughty and not nice? Do they have a desire for gadgets to make them feel like James Bond? There are spy gadgets designed to go undetected, products that were once considered science fiction, but can be purchased without needing to be a part of an elite secret service or military branch. Some of these spy gadgets barely squeak by as legal.”

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From the wannabe James Bond next door to agents of the CIA and other shadowy government entities, spies of all caliber have a wealth of incredibly stealthy technology to help them listen in on conversations, take covert video, scan faces in crowds, snatch a suspect’s DNA and destroy their own data when compromised. These 11 crazy spy gadgets, from low-tech DIY projects to top-secret experiments, will have you feeling paranoid that somebody – or something – is watching you.

Robotic Roaches

As if roaches, beetles and other creepy-crawlies weren’t already unwelcome in your home, you’ll be even warier of them as they gain disturbing spy capabilities thanks to the latest in cyborg tech. In 2006, Tokyo University researchers created an army of zombie cockroaches that can be directed by remote control; scientists are now taking their work one step further by using the cockroaches’ bodily functions to power the CPUs and radio components of spy devices.  Researchers have also been able to create remote-controlled cyborg beetles by attaching computer chips to the brains of the insects, equipping them with cameras and other devices.

Face-Scanning Sunglasses

Crowds at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be subjected to face-scanning software hidden in the sunglasses of police. The new technology, which consists of a small camera fitted to the glasses, can capture 400 facial images per second and transmit them to a central computer database, which can store up to 13 million faces. Working at a distance of up to 50 meters (164 feet), the devices will help law enforcement identify those involved in brawls and other illegal activity.

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