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OnePlus 5T Review: Premium Full-Screen Experience at Half Cost of iPhone X

If you are sitting on the fence uncertain whether to buy the iPhone X because its too expensive for your taste, why not try this new OnePlus 5T. With the release of the One Plus 5T, a lot of reviews have been released and it’s up for you to judge this new model.

(C) OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T propels the Chinese company into the brave new era of full-screen smartphones, with a new 6in minimal bezel display squeezed into the body of a 5.5in device.

The 5T is OnePlus’s fourth phone in two years. Unlike the OnePlus 3 to 3T upgrade in 2016, the internal components for the 5T have mostly stayed the same as those of the OnePlus 5, with the screen and camera the biggest differences.

The 6in full HD+ AMOLED screen takes priority, stretching to fill the front of the device, bar the slim bezels at the sides and the relatively small top and bottom panels. It doesn’t look quite as impressively “full screen” as Apple’s iPhone X or Samsung’s Galaxy S8, but the 5T has visibly smaller bezels than most, including the Google Pixel 2 XL.

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