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The Magic of Oak Furniture

Amazingly, if you’re a fan of buying furniture made of wood, it is likely you already own several oak furniture pieces! Oak is extremely popular among furniture makers and customers and this article can tell you one of the reasons that oak is really a popular building material and why, if you are searching for a new piece of wooden furniture for your home, investing in a furniture made from oak is among the best ways to go!

A Brief Run Down on Oak

The oak tree is part of the genus Quercus. This genus is native to the northern hemisphere. You’ll find broadly 2 type of oak the Red oak and the White oak, and there are over 400 diverse species. Red oak has a coarse grain and is darker in color than white oak. Red oak is frequently utilized for flooring, especially in the US. White oak is regarded as superior for furniture and cabinet making, as it has a finer grain, less porous, has a nicer color and is much stronger. The grain of white oak is longer and has attractive silver flecks within it which are caused by medullary rays in the growing oak.

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Incredibly, oak furniture has been popular since the medieval ages. Previously, oak was valued because, in addition to being durable and strong, it was also cheap and readily available! All homes had oak furniture from the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in England, furniture constructed from oak was in extremely high demand. People wanted it in every room of their properties, and as many different things – from actual furniture to wooden paneling to boost a room’s look!

Why Oak?

The sapwood of oak ranges from light brown to white and also the heartwood is generally a pinkish or reddish color. These colors allow it to become simple to use oak furniture with just about any kind of home’s existing color scheme. The colors blend in naturally to whatever is close to them! The grain is straight and the furniture made out of oak have a harsh texture. Oak is a heavy wood, therefore oak furniture isn’t easy to lift or move. Additionally, it supports to just about any wear or tear you can give it, that makes it a fantastic candidate for family heirlooms as well as for families who can’t afford to replace furniture often.

Buying Oak

Oak furnishings are a major purchase but you need to look on them as an investment. Buying quality oak-furniture for your own home will give you decades of use and pleasure and you’ll be joining a tradition that dates back centuries. Hunt for an established retailer with a wide variety of products with detailed descriptions and a long history of customer tips. Assess the prices so that you can get the best deal.