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Should I Get a Wall Safe?

Wall safes may be found in a variety of sizes and shapes. A few of these wall safes are fire proof and some are not. Let us check out what you must look at before heading out and buying a wall safe for the home.”

A safe in the wall is better than other types of safes because it gives a lots of advantages for your house or business. Listed here is a description of some of those advantages and considerations before purchasing one.

Should you be looking forward to installing or have installed a wall safe, it is best to take into consideration your wall thickness first. It will be apparent that a wall safe with a depth of ten inches will not really fit in a standard wall made out of two by four inch studs. The finished width of a standard stud would be three and one half inches. That will be the depth of the gap in your wall between the two sheets of drywall.

A few outside walls can have two by six inch studs providing you a five and one half inch width, but then it doesn’t always be convenient to put your wall safe on an out side wall. You can let the extra length hang out into a closet, however that could be very inconvenient as well as give away the fact that you have a wall safe too.

Because the safe is going to be mounted between your studs, you will want to ensure you know what the distance is between the studs in the wall you want to install your wall safe. The majority are a standard 16″ apart, and most wall safes are made to fit this width. Another consideration is the depth of the safe – and that it will fit within your wall. Be sure to pick a wall that doesn’t have electric wires or pipes running through it, or be prepared to employ professionals that will help you relocate wires and pipes.

You can obtain a safe with just key entry or one with a combination lock on it. The combination locks are typically either a dial or electronic keypad types. Something to consider here is with the electronic types is life of the battery. All so what happens if the batteries would go bad and leak. Generally when this happens, The electronics might be ruined and now your safe needs to be fixed.

You can find a great deal of prices for wall safes, largely dependent on the materials utilized to create the safe, the size of the safe, or the dealer giving them. Safes are not all created equal, and a few offer higher levels of protections compared to others, hence costing a little more. Consider your budget when you compare safes, however try to keep in mind that generally, you get what you pay for.

It is best to research safes and have a look at the rating that your safe receives; studying the reviews on the different safes is always an idea. This allows you to buy the correct safe for your needs or you could end up spending a great deal on a safe that you just don’t need. After you have one of these in wall safes fitted you’ll feel pleased that your valuables are safe and secure.