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Google’s computers are creating songs. Making music may never be the same.

Even if people haven’t figured out the need, techs have them already in their minds.


Artificial intelligence “is today’s tech just like the piano was today’s tech at time when it came about. Composers started to write with this crazy new loud machine called the piano,” said Peter Swendsen, an Oberlin professor of computer music and digital arts. “Now we just sort of take it for granted as part of musical landscape.” (L. Todd Spencer/Virginian-Pilot via AP)

Google has launched a project to use artificial intelligence to create compelling art and music, offering a reminder of how technology is rapidly changing what it means to be a musician, and what makes us distinctly human.

Google’s Project Magenta, announced Wednesday, aims to push the state of the art in machine intelligence that’s used to generate music and art.

“We don’t know what artists and musicians will do with these new tools, but we’re excited to find out,” said Douglas Eck, the project’s leader in a blog post. “Daguerre and later Eastman didn’t imagine what Annie Liebovitz or Richard Avedon would accomplish in photography. Surely Rickenbacker and Gibson didn’t have Jimi Hendrix or St. Vincent in mind.”

Google has already released a song demonstrating the technology. The song was created with a neural network — a computer system loosely modeled on the human brain — which was fed recordings of a lot of songs. With exposure to tons of examples, the neural network soon begins to realize which note should come next in a sequence. Eventually the neural network learns enough to generate entire songs of its own.

The project has just begun so the only available tools now are for musicians with machine learning expertise. Google hopes to produce — along with contributors from outside Google — more tools that will …


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8 Smart Kitchen Gadgets Of The Future

Just when you think you’ve had the coolest and the trendiest kitchen gadget at home, wait till you see this! You might not have it now yet but we’ll never, these futuristic gadgets will land into your very own kitchen very very soon!


1. Palate Home Smart Grill

This is not your average George Foreman grill. The Palate Smart Grill from Palate Home can cook almost any food perfectly based on weight, composition, and desired done-ness, all controlled through an iPad app.

2. Pantelligent Smart Frying Pan

Temperature control and perfect timing in a pan. This gadget lets you check the exact temperature inside your salmon, steak or whatever else you've got sizzling and let's you know when it's ready without having to stick a fork in it. The Pantelligent app for iPhone monitors the cooking and lets you know the ideal time when the food is done.

Temperature control and perfect timing in a pan. This gadget lets you check the exact temperature inside your salmon, steak or whatever else you’ve got sizzling and let’s you know when it’s ready without having to stick a fork in it. The Pantelligent app for iPhone monitors the cooking and lets you know the ideal time when the food is done.

3. Drop Connected Kitchen Scale

This one aims to be an easy-to-use kitchen baking scale that guides you through select recipes connected to an iPad app. You pick out which recipe you want on the app and then place a bowl on the bluetooth connected scale, drop in each ingredient until the app says you have added enough into the bowl and follow along with the instructions to make the perfect cake, cookies or whatever else you desire.


See more here: http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/14/8-smart-kitchen-gadgets-of-the-future/


{All images courtesy of http://techcrunch.com/}

Cicret wristband turns your arm into a touch screen

“If you have 400$ right now, would you buy a Cicret wristband? Well, it’s not just a normal wristband as it is a gadget that will make your arm a screen projector. However it is not out yet as it still a concept that is still raising some funds to create its first prototype. What can you say about it?”


With wearables gaining some traction, smartphones and tablets are by no means the only mobile devices around nowadays. Now, though, Cicret is looking to take things a step farther and turn your arm into a smartphone.

Conceived 12 months ago and designed over the course of 6 months, the Cicret Bracelet is a small wristband that looks similar to the Jawbone Up.

The Cicret Bracelet's proximity sensors work out where the user's finger is and allows the...

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The Bracelet comprises a pico projector and a row of eight proximity sensors that point towards the user’s forearm. It operates as a standalone device and, when activated with a twist of the wrist, projects an Android interface onto the users arm, much like Chris Harrison’s Skinput research. The proximity sensors detect where the user’s finger or fingers are and allow them to interact with the interface as they …


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Green Gadgets

Technology usually has this wrong connotation of Anti-environment or nature destructive. But the thing is, it doesn’t apply to all, it has exceptions. Just like these gadgets that does not just make your life easier but also a natural innovative solution.


Crazy Eco Cleaning Gadgets

The concept of Eco-Cleaning is a current trend with people looking to move away from chemicals and toward more natural innovative solutions.

This article highlights some highly innovation cleaning devices that may become part of every house in the future—and some that you can buy now to tackle life chores with a lower environmental impact.

(c) http://www.cleanconscience.com

A. Futuristic Washing Machine

The Renew, designed by Louis Filosa for Electrolux, makes use of RFID and infrared scanners that detect deficiencies in the fabric (fade, tears, etc) and suggests new clothing options as well.  The smart home appliance also includes an OLED touchscreen interface, and Wi-Fi allows for easy navigation and updating. All you need to do is swipe your dirty clothes between the two steam blades, like a credit card, and get ready-to-wear clothes within no time.



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