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5 Most Popular Colorful Indoor Plants

Owning indoor plants is useful. Aside from cleaning the air, they may also enhance the appearance of your house. Fresh plants are able to blending with just about any theme of décor inside a house. No matter if you are an fanatic or a new comer to growing houseplants, the following are among the most great choices.

• Moth orchids. The Phalaenopsis nicknamed “the moth orchid” since it appears like the wings of a moth. They just don’t need as much light as other orchids making them a great choice to grow indoors. They can be found in white, yellow, green, many shades of pink, purple, and near red. Phalaenopsis basically enjoy the same climate as we do one other reason they make a great indoor orchid choice.

• Angel Ivy Ring Topiary. Its other name is wire vine. Its height can get to one foot and 8 inches. Angel Ivy Ring Topiary neither like over watering nor making it dry. Yet, it does love mist. The wonderful temperatures are between 65 and 80 degrees. Angel Ivy Ring Topiary is of interest to spider mites; hence, when you detect them, it’s best to pull them out. For the sunlight needs, it likes indirect exposure to the sun. An all-purpose fertilizer once monthly will make it full and healthy.

• Chinese Evergreen. It is another indoor air purifier that is relatively easy to look after. It grows well under low light conditions and need to be kept in warm temperatures. Be sure that the soil is dry between watering; otherwise it could kill the plant. It could develop to 3 feet in height.


Palm Plant. Palm plant varieties are extremely good indoor plants as they are considered to be exceptional air purifying plants. Apart from that, they’re also very flexible to indoor growing conditions and do not need to be watered frequently. A number of the palm plant varieties are bamboo palm, ponytail palm, areca palm and lady palm. Nevertheless, these plants are not small and some can grow up to six feet tall. One of the most widely used variety of palm plants that home owners adore to put in their houses is the pony-tail palm.

• Begonias. Some types of begonias thrives outdoors, but many are great for indoor growing. They are hardy plants and does not demand too much care as long since the amount of water is enough for their growth process. There some other varieties of begonias, they include the trailing type or the bushy type. Others are free flowering with eye-catching flowers and also the foliage varieties that gives beauty of their attractive foliage.