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The Best Travel Gadgets to Buy Right Now

“If it’s just something to keep you occupied on public transport, to assist your travels or that no holiday can do without, gadgets are becoming more and more prevalent in the modern age where travel and communication become commonplace. These smart tools that have forever changed the way we experience the world are life-savers for today’s travelers. Here are The best travel gadgets ready to make your trips safer, easier, or simply more enjoyable.”

Call it a “Champagne problem,” but in the past few weeks, I’ve hit eight flights and too many time zones to remember! As a tech expert, writer, and global adventurer chasing the latest tech and science stories, I’m on the road as much as I’m at home. Whether I’m traveling to Kenya on assignment for CNN to write about how e-readers are changing education or diving in Bermuda for fun, one thing is for sure: I’m always surrounded by my go-to gadgets. Here are some pretty nifty on-the-road devices for fun, business, or anytime!…

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