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15 Sensory Enhancement Gadgets

“In addition to being able to give the average person powers of eyesight that would rival a superhero, this kind of technology also has the ability to supplement the senses of visually impaired or legally blind individuals. Beyond novelty, sensory enhancement technology is becoming vital to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities.”

Virtual Reality Home Gyms

Augmented and virtual reality technology has now gotten to the point where it can be used in smart sensory enhancement tools.

From an entertainment and marketing perspective, this kind of technology is prized for its ability to create extremely immersive multi-sensory experiences. For instance, Thorntons is a chocolatier that uses an in-store pod to enhance chocolate tastings with music and scents. Other gadgets that engage the full body include systems like Icaros by HYVE and the R70i Aging Experience.

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