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Choosing the Best Countertops

Kitchen countertops are essential in the kitchen. These serve as worktops to make food, areas to place hot cookware from your stove or oven, and also often, practically in most modern kitchens, part of them is utilized to a family event meals, and snacks. This is exactly why you must cautiously find the kitchen countertop you will set up for construction or renovation.”

The kitchen can by no means operate properly with no countertop. Countertops are essential aspects of kitchen to make preparing food and cooking simpler. Your kitchen countertops makes a massive difference to the kitchen. And along with the number of kitchen countertops available these days you are able to find something that fits your tastes that also complements other decoration within the room.

Getting kitchen countertops is often a hard and costly task, so you’ve to make certain what you will be installing will last you a period of time. Listed below are just 5 common countertops today.

1. Laminate countertops

It could be that, laminate countertops are the popular type due to the cost and features. Laminates are constructed with plastic-coated synthetics that are effortless to install and clean up, and also tough. It happens to be available in different colors and patterns which can go with any look of the kitchen. The disadvantage of laminates is when they are damaged or cracked, you will never fix them – they should get replaced.

2. Natural Stone Countertops

For those who wouldn’t like rapid lifespan of laminate countertops and are not restricted by small finances, natural stone countertops are for you. Examples of natural stones are granite, quartz and marble. Such stones are incredibly classy and automatically increase the value of every area.

3. Tile Countertops

It is another cost-effective options for countertops. Apart from their affordability, consumers choose to keep them as they are highly resistant against heat and scrapes.

There are several kinds of tiles that are made into countertops. Some of them are porcelain, ceramic and stone. Each one has unique qualities, that gives different features and level of comfort.

4. Wood Countertops

Wood consistently makes a natural beauty. When made into countertops, it produces a cozy and warm effect to the kitchens. By far the most famous wood countertops is the butcher block.

Considering the fact that wood is permeable, it has more areas for bacteria to be exposed to. As a result, it should be cleansed all the time. It’s also prone to burns, stains and scratches. Yet the good thing about them is that they could be refinished should they look worn out. It’s effortless to regain their old looks.

5. Stainless Countertops

Stainless steel countertops are also popular as it provides a modern elegant look to the kitchen. The reflective quality of the stainless steel countertop boosts its charm by reflecting both natural and artificial light and drawing together the shades of the kitchen’s décor. Even though the stainless steel countertop is robust it is subject to scratches.

Certainly, there are plenty of kitchen countertops now available in the market. You just need to understand that each material has different features. Know your requirement and budget to make the correct determination. 

How to Maintain Granite Countertops


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Granite is becoming ideal option in the kitchen as it presents what a gourmet kitchen seems like by adding an artistic, yet practical element to the space. They come in a variety of colors and textures with no two slabs being identical, which makes them unique.

Granite countertops are also a significant investment, contributing to the beauty and reselling value of your property. It is important to provide care and maintenance for your countertops in order to keep looking as good as they did when you just had them set up.

So What are the best maintenance practices for granite and just how can preserve its beauty?

I.    Cleaning
Make sure to clean the granite countertops often. While cutting fresh meat or fish, clean up the granite soon or else granite will damage quickly. The simple way to clean the granite countertops is clean the countertop with mild soap and water to clean the place. Whilst washing the countertop use detergents or cleanser don’t make use of rough cloth for it is going to surely scratch the granite.

II.    Stains
Red wine as well as other strong substances can offer an absolute problem if left on the surface of the stone for very long. A few granite could be a lot more porous than the others and when you don’t know to what degree this is, then playing safe is obviously a good option – potent substances, such as; red wine, chilli-powder and orange juice may seep into and stain the surface of your work surface, thus taking care is important to maintaining the standard of the surface, for as long as you can.

III.    Sealing
Among the list of vital tasks you may undertake to protect your investment is the routine sealing of your granite countertops, making it nearly immune to stains setting its surface. Several products are available for sealing granite on the market, but it is a must to have the know-how to complete the task correctly. As a general rule, it’s a sensible idea to reseal one’s counter yearly, but, various kinds of granite have distinct traits, varying degrees of porousness. To determine whether one should reseal or not, cleanse the counter very thoroughly and give it time to dry. After that, pour a small quantity of clear tap water on to the granite and allow it to pool for a few minutes. If you wipe away the water with a clean, dry cloth and discolored area is left behind, the granite needs resealing.

These are merely some steps and ideas to stop stains or any problems in granite countertops. The wide array of colors, textures and durability makes granite countertops a fantastic selection for any home. When properly installed and maintained, they will probably outlast the home itself.