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10 best tech gadgets to launch by the end of 2015

“People nowadays love technology and believe in its ability to enrich their lives. They can’t think of a better way to kick off a new year, but there are some gadgets on show in Vegas that would give even the most hardened technophile pause for thought. Amid the glittering nuggets of gold, there are plenty of answers to questions no-one posed.”

Photo by http://www.marketwatch.com/

Photo by http://www.marketwatch.com/

This is an amazing year for the tech industry. With so many great products presented at the CES 2015, and a plethora of amazing technology already on shelves, you’d think this year has already given its best. But you’d be wrong because the best is yet to come.

Here’s my top 10 countdown of the tech products or gadgets that will launch before the end of the year:

10. New Moto X

Being a happy owner of one such device (second gen), I can say I’m looking forward to looking at its successor, Moto X’s third generation. Based on the rumors from the STJS Gadget Portal, this new device is being developed by Motorola Mobility and will likely be released by September. Leaked specs indicate that the new device will sport a bigger screen, more battery life and a better camera.

9. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

This is an up-and-coming behemoth. The Samsung SSNLF, +4.76%  Galaxy S6 edge+ is a phablet successor to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, and as such will reportedly offer a bigger screen (5.7 inches versus 5.1 inches), the same processor already powering the Galaxy S6 edge and the same amount of ram (3GB). As a non-frequent smartphone buyer, I tend to find these cosmetic updates disappointing, but this information could be useful for those who plan on buying an S6 edge soon. My advice: Instead of buying now, wait until August, which is when this phablet might launch.

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