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Removable Wall Decals to Decorate Your Home

Decorating our homes, offices and surroundings adds a brand new appeal to the spaces we’re accustomed to seeing every day. The same kind of bedroom wall, dull colored living room, and grey office boardroom could be monotonous to check out. Your surroundings is going to influence you in many ways. Adding something new to decorate your surroundings can reflect positively on your thoughts, mood, and imagination.

One new way of decorating is by using wall decals; these decals are more or less giant stickers you could place on your wall. Many of them can be taken off and reused elsewhere, too, so they enable you to create a dynamic room theme that could be easily changed around.

The greatest benefit of removable wall decals is they are really simple to use. They are just like a sticker and merely peel right off of the paper they come on. Then, they stick right to any kind of surface you want to stick them on. Lots of people place vinyl decals on their walls to give it a professional look and some people put them on plain white toy boxes or bookcases. Simple decals can spice up any area in a matter of seconds.

In case you are renting, the very last thing you would like your child to do is to put dozens of holes in their walls hanging artwork and posters. Why don’t you go for wall decals for kids which don’t require nails, tacks, tape or any other damaging method of installation. These wall appliques are incredibly safe and harmless to use on wall surfaces.

The great thing about wall decal is that some companies will create custom decals for you. Regardless of what your interest is, there’s a way to express it with a wall decal. Pick the mascot of your favorite sports team and accent it with borders in the team’s colors. Looking to display some school spirit? Show the school name and select additional pieces which reflect the school’s colors and mascot. Use decals to let your pals know your taste in music or movies.

Numerous removable decals may be custom made so they can make your home just ooze comfort and style. People are enjoying the ease that are included with removable decals and the fun they can have with them repeatedly. Removable wall decals are a new technique that’s changing the way we decorate.


16 Attractive Ideas For Bathroom With Accent

Accent walls are not solely for living room and bedrooms. Today, you can incorporate this decorating style to your bathroom to create more drama to your flat and lifeless space.


Ceramic tiles have no competition when it comes to the bathrooms. In addition to painting the walls with water-based paints or oils, ceramics in bathrooms are absolute ruler of the bathroom walls. There is also the possibility of setting up wood paneling and accenting the walls with natural or synthetic stone. If you like to follow the latest trends, we recommend you placing one accent wall, which is especially attractive in aesthetic terms. But, by carefully combining simple tiles and mosaic tiles, you may get an accent in certain parts.

The marble walls will always give the maximum dose of luxury and trendy are the plastic or paper wallpaper with special coatings that allow their installation in wet areas such as bathrooms. So, it is a special wallpaper designed exclusively for the bathroom, so be sure to be careful not to replace the usual. When you do the final selection of wall coverings, you should consult with experts who will point out their advantages and shortcomings – this is especially true if you suspect that some materials, such as certain types of wood, well tolerate steam and moisture, which is inevitable in the bathrooms. The same is true for the mandatory involvement of trusted contractors, that will guarantee quality setting for certain wall coverings. So if you need some inspirational idea how to highlight one wall in the bathroom, take a look below, and you will find many ideas that will make your bathroom to look more pleasant and attractive!

16 Attractive Ideas For Bathroom With Accent Wall

16 Attractive Ideas For Bathroom With Accent Wall

16 Attractive Ideas For Bathroom With Accent Wall

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Decorating Walls at Home


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Have you observed that there’s something missing in your residence? Do you feel as though its bare and flat that absolutely nothing makes it interesting. Yes, there are countless ways to make your home special and breathtaking, it is possible to put more decors, purchase unique furniture and redesign it yet the simplest and the cheapest method to upgrade the look of your home is through designing the wall. Decorating the wall doesn’t just mean placing accessories, painting or art pieces but also adorning by putting wallpapers, stencils or an accent wall. Whatever your choice is, these techniques can definitely meet your financial budget.

A.    Use Textured Wallpaper
If you want to try out wallpapers, you should consider the texture as dependent on the surface where you are placing it. A good thick texture will cover any kind of small flaws and can make the preparing job a bit easier with less preparation needed. You need to find and choose the appropriate pattern for your wallpaper. Vinyl is definitely an popular wallpaper that’s ideal in all sections of the home, giving an easily wipe able surface. The hard-wearing properties vary in accordance with the grade of vinyl.

B.    Paint an Accent Wall
Just as what you have always desired, you’d like something to pop out in your own home or in one of the rooms. If adornments aren’t in your considerations, then accent wall is good for you. Accent wall are wall painted differently among the others. Meaning that, rather than painting the whole room with one color, you will make an exception to one and paint it with a deeper shade or a complementary color. Using color as a focus can be very effective but when you overdo or overwhelm with vibrant colors, then your home will be a huge eye sore. Go with a solid wall which doesn’t have windows or any openings for greater impact and set your furniture piece like your sofa against it, making it your central point room design.

C.    Use Stencils
Stencils are another new approach to make a stylish, unique look with little effort. There are literally thousands of stencils available out there that can make the wall decorating process very simple and efficient. All you need to do is choose your theme, paint colour, and where you wish to put the stencils, and you may create something that won’t be found anywhere else. From flock in the kitchen area to raindrops in the living area, the probabilities are apparently countless.

D.    Choose One Wall to Fill with Art or Mirrors
There are other approaches to cover a wall rather than just using paint or wallpaper. Rather than hanging art work and decorative mirrors sporadically surrounding the walls, why not pick one wall to accommodate all of them? It’s been a go-to trend for wall decor for many years already, and it is a style that probably won’t be disappearing sooner. If you’re going to decorate with art, make an effort to stay with items that are similar in theme, along with colors that complement each other, and change up the sizes of every piece. When using mirrors, use ones with various frames and sizes to develop an artwork with no paint!