Samsung to cut nearly 10,000 of its headquarters staff

“Just when we thought that everything is going well now with Samsung after the release of new Smartphones, it is not really the case.  Just a few hours ago, we’ve  already heard the downsizing issue. Let’s just hope that there’s none to come in the future.”


Samsung CEO Jong-Kyun Shin


Samsung Electronics is preparing to cut 10% of its headquarters staff, according to Bloomberg. The move follows various missteps in key markets, including smartphones, that have seen an incredible $44 billion wiped off the company’s valuation. The headcount, as of June 30, sat at 98,999.

That would imply Samsung is letting go of nearly 10,000 people.

The company is reportedly targetting workers in areas such as human resources, finance and public relations. Beyond this, the company is looking to …


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