Rubber Roofs – What Are They

Did you ever hear of a rubber roof? If feels like the perfect style of roofing to include in a small home with a flat roof consists of rubber. Lots of people have a hard time learning the process of rubber roofing due to the fact rubber isn’t commonly used in roofing.


The main reason why individuals are uncomfortable with all the idea of rubber roofing is that rubber may seem like a poor alternative to clay or cement. Secondly, thinking about dumping rubber on your roof looks like a very uncool and cheap thing to do. Well, it is not necessary for you to decorate the top of the house with black rubber tires with the tread marks still obvious. Just remove such a thought.

Rubber roofing has many controversy and opposite opinions surrounding it. Yet, you need to take this into account when thinking about whether this is the type of roof for you. People have complained of unforeseen leaks with their rubber roofing which can bring about costly repairs. Nonetheless, this really depends upon the person who set the roof. When looking into any kind of roofing job, you must fully research the company you’re going to be contracting.

You should not consider the application of rubber roofing since the process of someone putting on rubber shingles. Adding a rubber-roof is undoubtedly a tougher job than a lot of people think. It takes patience and an even-layered application of EPDM spray.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber roofing comprise of large sheets of synthetic rubber membranes, which need adhesives like cement, caulking etc. for sealing. These sheets have greater ability to resist damaging radiations from space and they present good insulation. These sheets are remarkably elongative and flexible. They are available in darkish grey colors resembling natural slates and some other cover colors. It does not allow accumulation of dirt. Though this-roofing membranes look thin, they are strong enough to stand up to the weight of people walking over the top.

Before you begin your buying process, you need to have some video and digital photos taken of your current roof. Site inspection by the roofer is necessary. Try to contact at least 3 trustworthy roofing companies and get them to send a quote inclusive of spare parts and accessories. Because of the expansion and contraction of rubber, it is far better to request also for an estimate of the most powerful liquid rubber sealant. You can even opt to upgrade and put in high performance insulation before you have the rubber membrane applied

If you have any additional questions regarding the rubber roofing process or overall cost of rubber roofing, do some online searching to find out more of your choices.