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“In the event that you are a tech nerd, then you should be encompassed by gadgets. With the present business such a great amount of fixated on innovation, there is no deficiency of tech instruments in the business sector. Right from a kid to an octogenarian, everyone is getting hooked to cell phones, iPhones, laptops and iPads. But at the same time, it is vital to take complete care of them. Most of them are expensive. So there is an additional pressure on the owner to maintain them properly.”


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Mobile CMMS For Smartphones, Tablets and iPads

No longer is your CMMS tied to a computer. According to MAPCON, its feature-rich Enterprise and On-Demand CMMS Software packages have gone mobile, saving time and money for users in countless ways. Consider, for example, how the company’s Mobile 9-1-1 Maintenance Dispatch Capability can improve your equipment-health-emergency response: A technician discovers a machine leaking lubricant onto the plant floor. Using a standard Android or Apple Smartphone, tablet or iPad, all he/she has to do is open the MAPCON CMMS app, snap a picture of the leaking equipment, attach it to an Emergency Work Request and tap “Send.” In mere seconds, maintenance management could be dispatching a fully equipped team to the scene with a Work Order and the right parts to make the repair. The crew can use their smart devices to directly access repair manuals, schematics and parts inventories in real-time, or, if needed, find and contact an authorized vendor for support. Once the equipment is back online, personnel can document the job with pictures and close the Work Order via a smart device.

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