Reasons Why You Should Use Rubber Mulch

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Rubber is an element that is utilized for lot of applications and hence it is often recycled. One modern usage with this component is in the form of a rubber mulch, which is actually a sheet of rubber spread out on the ground. This is a reaction of companies wanting to recycle tires utilizing new colors variants, shapes and forms to make them more appealing to the consumer. This is an efficient barrier between the soil and undesirable weeds, which seeds remain stored in the mulch, dehydrate, and die.

Everyone is not aware of this kind of handy substance considering that the rubber mulch has still not received commercial acceptance. Additionally individuals would prefer to uncover grass lawns in their gardens since the lawns look better however the mulch currently are available in different kinds and colors. The mulch nuggets are recycled and reused in these households. Following are some of the benefits of mulch.

i.    It’s non-porous or water absorbent
Rubber shredding doesn’t take up water as compared with organic mulch. Additionally, it helps prevent the development of undesirable weeds that enables the soil and also the plant to have the needed water. Which means it conserves water more and it maintain the soil moist. Moreover, this doesn’t wash away during heavy rain.

ii.    Shock absorption ability helps in avoiding accidents
The flexibility of rubber makes it an ideal option for a complete surface covering. It can help lessen the shock of a fall or crash thus making the area less at risk of mishaps. The primary reasons why rubber mulch is utilized in athletic fields, playgrounds and horse arenas is its capability to absorb falls.

iii.    Safe for plants
Concerns have been raised about harmful chemical substances which are typically found in rubber treatment and tire manufacturing. Yet, studies show that this type of mulch has just trace levels of some chemicals that are bad for humans and plants only in much higher concentrations. It can be better than organic mulch at insulating the soil, trying to keep it warm and fertile. Rubber doesn’t absorb water since it is non-porous and helps prevent dampening of the soil underneath. Therefore it prevents algae along with fungus from developing in the soil, popularly the rubber mulch are also labeled as weed barrier.

This rubberized mulch review presented both the good and bad sides of this landscaping solution. Among the important things about rubber mulch is its contribution in the protection of the environment – useless tires are recycled to a new product to prolong its use and functional purpose. However, the advantages furthermore have a trade-off since we can also notice some negative features. Gardeners and landscape users hence need to be discriminating on the distinct uses of rubber landscape mulch products.