Reasons Why Door Knockers Are Still Popular

Door knockers were fundamental symbols through history, and have been mentioned in a lot of metaphors. These home pieces were particularly the rave during medieval periods up until the 18th and early 19th centuries. Sadly, these iconic home pieces have now been substituted with the electric doorbell; however they are still valued pieces especially when it comes to designing homes the traditional and old-school way.

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The simple addition or replacement of an older knocker could totally remodel the whole appearance of your entryway as well as add new elegance on the exterior of any kind of home. Even though the popularity of distinct designs changes with time, there are beautiful patterns which are always a classic and welcome addition for any entryway set.

Some of the first type were made during the early Macedonian times. At least at first, they were utilized primarily on the doors of the rich and ruling class. These were also in common usage during the early Roman empire, the Gothic period, and perhaps their greatest popularity was during medieval days. At some point round the middle of the 19th century they were no longer in vogue as they would deem to be rather old-fashioned yet interest in them was once again kindled in the early 1900s.

Back when they were common door knockers were made to spare the knuckles of a visitor and their basic construction was a metal ring and a plate. They were often built to resemble animal or human faces (famously in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol), yet detail varies. Even today, people can choose from a spectrum of knockers; from the basic rapper to one with craftsmanship that equals the very best sculptures.

The main objective of a door knocker is to let the residents of a house know that someone’s in the door, in addition to save the knuckles of visitors from being bruised or blemished. A few were crafted for decorative purposes, and the most popular designs were made of iron, pewter, brass or stainless steel. These were designed to endure all outdoor elements as well as to remain durable for years. These were also heavy enough to produce a sound when they were tapped against the door.

Modern-day door knockers are still usually made from some form of metal. These are still commonly created from cast iron and brass however there’s also lots of stainless steel or pewter ones available to purchase. They are still usually very decorative items although their effectiveness has, in most cases, been replaced by the doorbell. You will find common designs that have been used through the ages like the lion’s head design as well as many modern designed ones.

Door knocker is an excellent way of distinguishing a doorway and can make it attractive to the eyes of your visitors. Interior doors usually are not as essential when selecting quality, but interior and exterior doors and hardware can last longer if picked with quality in mind.