Plumbing Emergency Advice and a Singapore Plumber Recommandation.

It is really hard to find a plumber whom you can trust. We are glad that we managed to find Uncle Swee from  whom helped us with the burst pipe and at the same time a choke that we have been having problem with for some time now.

Uncle Swee was very friendly and patient with us and the way he handled the whole affair showed how experience he is in this! I called back to the office after the work is done to commend him and according to his manager, it seems like i am not the only person that have been doing so.

Should you need a plumber, you can consider uncle swee from or call them at 62804615.

In the meantime i realize there are some pretty good advice on how you can locate the main shut off for the water supply on their website (how i wished i had saw this earlier). Below is the link and there are pictorial guides on the pages for you to follow:

“What you can do while waiting for our emergency plumber to attend to your case?

1. If the problem is because of a leaking or burst piper, one of the very first thing you could do while waiting for a plumber to arrive is to isolate the water supply to your affected area. The easiest way is to do so is to always follow the pipe starting from the point of leak towards the exterior of your home.

Credits: What to do in a plumbing emergency

Also for the choke, we kinda of like the way the company deals with it where payment is made only after the choke is cleared. Uncle swee also poured a full pail of water down the drain in front of us to demostrate how clear the choke has been cleared!

Payment and process For chokes

The plumber would arrive at your place to assess the choke. After assessment, the price is given Only after the price is agreed would the work commence. After the drain is cleared, payment is collected. You can check to ensure the work is done properly before making the payment.

Credits: Singapore Choke Clearing Service

Overall i give a 4 out of 5 stars. Definately recommanding them to my friends and familys.