Nintendo’s New 2DS XL is The Closest You’ll Ever Get to a ‘3DS XL Lite’

Nintendo never runs out of idea when it comes to gaming. No wonder they are on top of their respective field. They are introducing a new portable gaming console in the 3DS family. For gamers out there, you wouldn’t dare to miss this gadget!

When most of us think about Nintendo hardware, we think about the gimmick. The motion controls of the Wii, the second screen of the Nintendo DS, the stereoscopic visuals of the 3DS and the duality of the Nintendo Switch. These innovations define Nintendo’s brand — but it’s not the only hallmark of Nintendo hardware.

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The company is as much of a house of iteration as it is innovation, particularly when it comes to portable gaming. Almost every one of its handheld consoles — from the original GameBoy to the Nintendo DS — has been revised, retooled and released in a new form. Nintendo has made five versions of its original 3DS hardware, and it’s about to release one more: The New Nintendo 2DS XL.

  • Pros
    Plays ever 3DS game on the market
    More comfortable controls than previous model
    Easy access to external storage
  • Cons
    Shorter battery life than the New 3DS XL
    Uncomfortably short stylus
    Speakers are just okay

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