New Lighting Technology: LED Lights

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Since early 1960s, LED lighting had been used as opposed to what a lot of people view that it’s a brand new technology. LED lights were first discovered in 1907 but it is in 1962 that it was used by as an indicator lights for military use. Since then, it had been constantly improved and finally put to use by industry and homes when it was already cost effective enough for buyers. Its use became a standard in several industrial application and house need. LED became a sensation since people realize it as an efficient choice in terms of energy-saving and environment conservation in comparison with other regular lighting. However you can still find some have not switched yet to LED as they believe it is costlier.

Check below the below advantages and benefits from LED lights when compared with standard fluorescent.

A.    Less heat – A LED light bulb produces minimum heat and is viewed as the safest type of light source because it does not produce hazardous gases nor emit radiation. Minimum heat will also mean that there is a less load to air conditions in terms of cooling the space.

B.    Durable and long lasting – We have already told you that LED lights are made up of solid semi-conductors. This really makes them relatively more robust when compared to the gas filled fluorescent lights. Apart from this durability, the LED lights are also known to endure longer, removing the need of frequent replacements. Additionally, you also get to spend less on the maintenance and replacement part.

C.    Less noisy – The longer you’ve been using a fluorescent bulb, the noisier it becomes. In fact, the low buzzing sound emitted by these bulbs could be a mood spoiler. However, the LED bulb operation is a lot more silent.

D.     Much Safer – LED lights are really safe as they have no harmful materials compared to normal lights that have mercury which is known to harm the planet and the health of people.

E.    Eco-friendly and pocket friendly – LED lights make use of much less power than standard lights, LED versions use 20-30% less energy. This means you can have the same amount of light (or more) yet your electric bill or your energy consumption is much reduced. In addition, if you want to cut back your carbon footprint, this is the most suitable choice for you.

So if you are looking for new lighting, LED is one among the effective, safe, cost-efficient and energy-saving choice for you.