Microsoft Edge is the Windows 10 web browser (formerly known as Project Spartan)

“I have to admit it, I am not a fan or IE (well I guess I’m not the only one!). But knowing the Microsoft will launch its successor Microsoft Edge, everyone will definitely have big expectations especially that its counterparts have gained loyal users.”


Microsoft will launch a new web browser with Windows 10. Up until now the company’s been calling the browser “Project Spartan,” but with Windows 10 expected to launch in a few months, the company has decided to do away with code names and give the web browser a name.

Meet Microsoft Edge.

edge new tab



The new web browser is designed to run on smartphones, tablets, the Xbox game console, and other devices including the Hololens.

It won’t replace Internet Explorer right away — Windows 10 will ship with two web browsers so that people who rely on IE can continue to use it. But Edge has a new rendering engine, tools that let you annotate websites with handwritten notes and drawings, and tight integration with Windows features such as the Cortana virtual assistant.

At its 2015 Build Developer Conference, Microsoft also introduced a few new features for the web browser including support for web extensions and a more powerful new tab page.

The new tab page includes information such as thumbnails for your favorite sites, links to Windows Store apps from those sites (if available), and other information gathered from Cortana including sports scores, stocks, and other information you care about.

Not only does Microsoft Edge support web extensions written in HTML and JavaScript… it can use existing extension that have been created for other web browsers such as …


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