Lenovo Phab2 Plus review: Great for multimedia consumption, but falls short of the Mi Max

Lenovo has without a doubt broken ground from being a renowned laptop brand to being a reliable smartphone brand. They are stylish and come with advanced features making them quite reliable and effective in matching customer needs and preferences.


Lenovo is one of the top smartphone sellers in India and also claims to be the leader when it comes to the online market. While the company did have a great 2016, it is ending the year by launching its new Phab2 series in the country.

In my first impressions of the giant smartphone, I had suggested that the only smartphone that gives competition to the Phab2 is the Xiaomi Mi Max. So here is a more in depth review of the Phab2 to see if it is better than its Chinese rival’s phablet offering.

Build and Design: 7 / 10

Lenovo’s smartphone division has grown up and has learned that build quality matters. Their budget offerings in K-series have all proved to be quite sturdy and well built. The Phab2 Plus gets a similar treatment. It comes with a metal unibody on the back and glass on the front which slightly curves out around the edges, which is always a nice touch. It feels very solid and didn’t show any sign of bending even when I carried it my front jeans pocket. That is of course, if  it fits your pocket. It feels huge.


Now I won’t say that the bezels and the area above and below the display are slim. But it is clearly visible that the company has tried its best. Using it with one hand is really difficult, even if you have large hands. I tried using it with one hand but almost every time my palm would touch the screen before my fingers. It could get frustrating. It feels as if the finger taps are not registering. In short, you need to use two hands most of the time.



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