Lenovo Launches a $49 Media Streaming Device

“Though I may not see yet the importance of having a Chromecast, Lenovo has released a product to counter Google’s. Lenovo cast is the new media streaming device that looks like a hockey puck like. With its new feature and versatility, it is undoubtedly a better option compared to Chromecast.”


Lenovo Launches a $49 Media Streaming Device

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Lenovo has launched a new streaming device which looks to take on the Google Chromecast, the device is called the Lenovo Cast. The Lenovo Cast comes with support for DLNA and Miracast, it can be used with your smartphone, tablet and computer to stream Full HD video in 1080p.

The device comes with a HDMI port which has support for the latest HDMI 1.3 and it also comes with dual band WiFi. The new Lenovo Cast will retail for $49 when it launches and it will work with Android devices, Windows 8.1 devices and also Apple’s iOS devices, the device will launch worldwide in August.

Lenovo has a massive footprint in several key markets including its home of China. A device like this should well to its loyal buyers.

The Chinese PC maker said the Lenovo Cast can be set up in thee steps: “First, plug Lenovo Cast into any large screen device’s HDMI port. Then link Lenovo Cast to the device’s signal. Then play and enjoy media from a DLNA or Miracast-enabled tablet or smartphone.”

“Lenovo Cast offers extreme flexibility with its convenient pocket size and simple set up, making it an ideal companion device for smartphones and tablets. Its dual form factors allow users to hook it up either behind the TV or anywhere near it. Unlike other casting devices, Lenovo Cast ensures seamless streaming thanks to its dual frequency WiFi and its ability to transfer content up to …

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