Lawn Mowing Errors

Property improvement is very important for home owners in order to make it more appealing and valuable. But, to be able to attain all these benefits, maintenance is vital. And, probably the most common tasks is lawn mowing. Definitely, lawn mowing is undoubtedly an easy task because you can utilize many lawn mowers. Yet, a number of homeowners make expensive lawn mowing mistakes which could impact the property and the budget. To avoid these, the following are some of the most common errors homeowners make.


One of the most costly errors homeowners make when mowing lawns is the use of a wrong mower. Currently, there are lots of types of lawn mowers homeowners can make use of, from manual reel to electric and gas powered mowers. Regrettably, using the wrong type may damage your entire lawn.

Dull blades are often over looked yet it may have a major effect on the appearance and health of your lawn. Correct this problem and your mowing gets easier while saving you effort and time. What were discussing here is your mower blade being dull as a butter knife.

Many make the mistake of cutting their lawn shorter than they should. This is simply not healthy or valuable in any way. Short-cut lawns expose surface roots to the hot sun, which can dry out and die in no time at all. Not only this, weed and insect may attack as the grass is stressed and weak from being over cut. As a general guideline by no means take away more than 1/3 of the grass blade. Based on your lawn type, more or less can be cut-off.

When mowing, tend not to follow your exact wheel tracks for speedier completion. Lawn care specialists say that it is very important change the direction of mow each time. At each mow, try crisscrossing the mower to keep the cut at the same level. By going into alternate directions, you also disperse clippings for a cleaner and healthy lawn.

Be sure the mower you’ll use is well-maintained. Maintain your blades sharp – have them sharpened monthly or perhaps twice a year. Adjust the mower’s deck height to about 3 inches. In no way ignore the deck’s underside as well. If possible, after every use, clean out the clippings and debris. This helps maintain the machine’s cutting quality and in addition it helps prevent rusting.

By understanding all these, people can prevent lawn mowing mistakes which can lessen their finances.