iPhone 7 release date, news and rumors

“Apple won’t release its next-generation iPhone until the fall of 2016, so there are still months of development ahead. For the current time, Apple’s flagship iPhones are the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, released to the public in September of 2015. Though it will be several months before the new iPhone 7 launches, rumors about the device started trickling out in January of 2016. We’ve already gleaned many details about the upcoming iPhone, giving us some information on what to expect when it debuts.”

iPhone 7 what we want to see

Update: The iPhone 7 back panel may have been pictured and the phone could be the same size and shape as the iPhone 6S, though it’s still unclear whether it will have a Smart Connector or not. iPhone 7 Plus is rumored to have the big upgrade for 2016: a dual rear camera and 3GB of RAM.

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With the iPhone 6S, Apple delivered its best handset yet, but aside from sporting some fancy new 3D Touch technology, it was also very similar to the iPhone 6.

That was to be expected – after all, Apple typically only overhauls its handsets once every two years, but that overhaul is due with the iPhone 7, so we’re expecting and hoping for big changes: think a whole new design, piles of power and a bunch of new features.

The leaks, rumors and reports are already ramping up, although the iPhone 7 probably won’t arrive until late 2016. We’ve collected all the latest from around the web and beyond for you below, to give you the clearest picture possible of what you can expect from the new iPhone.

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