iPhone 6s review: While Apple’s latest iPhone looks the same, 3D Touch will change how you interact with your iPhone. Plus: iPhone audio reviewed

“As expected, the design of the iPhone 6s is essentially the same as the iPhone 6, but there are a few slight changes, as well as a brand new colour option. It’s pretty difficult to really understand how great this is until you’ve tried it, as it’s all about how it feels to the buyers. It doesn’t just boast impressive new features, the boosted internals provide you with a much faster iPhone than you’re used to, and tasks that would take seconds on our iPhone 6 Plus took a split second on the iPhone 6s.”

Photo by http://www.macworld.co.uk/

The iPhone 6s is on sale in the UK, and we’ve spent a lot of time with the smartphone to bring you our review, discussing the new 3D Touch features, the Rose Gold model, Live Photos and more.

iPhone 6s review: 3D Touch, Live Photos & more

The highly-anticipated iPhone 6s was announced alongside the iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 and Apple TV at a special event hosted by Apple back in September 2015. Apple’s iPhone 6s was promised to be faster than its predecessor whilst boasting a feature that Apple compares to the introduction of multi-touch (the technology responsible for the touchscreen mobile boom), called 3D Touch. But does Apple succeed in creating a new type of interaction that we’ll be seeing on other smartphones in coming years? Or has it fallen flat on its face? Find out in our review.

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