Intel to lay off 20 percent of staff in mobile division in Taiwan

“Seems like not everything is going quite well in some Tech companies. According to sources, it will not be just in Taiwan but it is going to affect  the Intel company worldwide.”



Global semiconductor leader Intel lowered its sales forecast for 2015 on the gloomy PC market and reportedly planned job cuts to reduce operating costs. The mobile division of Intel Taiwan was said to have been told by the company on June 8 to let go of 20 percent of its staff.

Previously in April, Intel announced to cut research and administrative budget by US$300 million. The industry believed the layoff in June is a response to the company’s gloomy 2015 outlook.

The global layoff is not the only reason regarding the downsizing in Taiwan. After Intel announced late last year to combine its PC and money-losing mobile processor divisions into Client Computing Group, many employees in Intel Taiwan were already expecting layoffs, according to various sources.

Some market observers contended that the layoff was also a reaction to its clients’ business situations. Asus’ decision to move 80 percent of its orders for new products to Qualcomm and HTC’s struggle in the market both seemed to affect …


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