If You Can Fly a Kite, You Can Fly This Drone

“As technology advances, more and more wedding companies are offering drones as part of their photography and video packages. Although adding a drone might be unique – it might also be distracting. Drones for aerial filming and photography are cheaper than a full-scale helicopter, less intrusive, more convenient, fast to set-up, portable, safe. Due to their size, unlike manned aircraft, drones are able to fly in to areas that were once not possible. They can fly from only a few centimetres of the ground to 400 feet in the air as one long continuous shot, whilst panning and framing a chosen subject.”


Photo by http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/

While some businesses are eager to unleash drones and put them to work, one company wants to leash them up.

The Fotokite Phi is a drone, built by Zürich-based Perspective Robotics, for people who have no interest in actually flying a drone. The Fotokite is a fold-up quad with a GoPro payload that’s tethered to a leash, which makes operating a drone as simple as walking a dog.

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Fotokite’s creators have stripped away all the bells and whistles that are usually packed into drones, resulting in a simple-to-use quad. You maneuver the drone with simple hand gestures via the “smart leash.” The leash ensures the drone never flies off where it shouldn’t, and a little tug on the leash is all that’s needed to reel the Fotokite in for a soft landing. If you can fly a kite, you can fly the Fotokite.

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