How to Set up a New PC

The task of setting up a computer or a computer setup might sound quite intimidating but it isn’t actually. In fact it is a simple process and there is no difference in the computer setup exercise because of brands and the like since all computer setup in the same way.

Setting up a new PC is a relatively straightforward process but, depending on the instructions and diagrams that came with it, you might be left scratching your head about which wire goes where. See also: How to build your own PC.

More often than not, your PC will be supplied with a generic image that might look nothing like the PC tower in front of you, and the connectors might be different too.

Here we’ll show you how to plug everything in and get your computer and display up and running. (Obviously, we’re assuming you have access to another computer – we can appreciate the irony of providing an online guide for a PC that’s not yet running.)

Step 1. Connect the keyboard and mouse

These days, all keyboards and mice connect to a USB port. Even if they’re wireless, there will still be a receiver which plugs into one (or possibly two) USB ports.


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