How to properly charge a phone’s battery: stop charging from zero to 100% and other tips

“Coming up short on battery power on your mobile phone is a normal modern-day drawback, yet things take a more genuine turn when we’re discussing work. While phones can do it all, the conclusion of that will be that a dead gadget can mean everything turns out badly immediately, from lost login points of interest to missed meeting updates, unsent messages and obscure locations.”

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Batteries are one of tech’s most boring subjects … until your phone, tablet or laptop dies, that is. While most of us live in fear of a fading phone battery when we’re out and about, we don’t worry too much about that battery’s eventual lifespan, but there are ways to keep your battery in tip-top shape for a long and fruitful life. (probably between three and five years). Just how should you charge your iPhone or Android? Also see: How to charge your phone or tablet’s battery faster.
Batteries do not enjoy eternal life. Most smartphone manufacturers say their devices rate their batteries at 300-500 cycles. Apple claims that its laptop batteries reach 80 percent of their original capacity after 1,000 charges. After this point batteries aren’t able to hold as much electricity and will power your device for increasingly shorter periods of time. See: Best smartphones

So here’s some tips to extend your battery’s lifespan, be that in an iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone, tablet, or laptop.
The big questions about how to re-charge a battery is whether you should let it run to zero before re-charging to 100%.

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