How To Physically Maintain Your Gadgets

“Keeping your gadgets clean and in mint condition takes a bit of work, but it doesn’t have to be hard. You know what we mean: Maintaining and keeping your gadgets in mint condition can be a very simple affair. So, we’re giving you very quick tips on how to keep your machines in tip-top shape.”

How To Physically Maintain Your Gadgets

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Keeping Your Smartphone And Tablet Well-Maintained

Protect the LCD screen with a screen protector. Whether it’s the film type that you stick onto the LCD’s glass, or a liquid that you wipe onto the surface, keeping your device scratch-free is the first step to maintaining its life.

Protect the device itself with a protective jelly or folio case. The jelly case will protect the device from the impact of bumping around in your bag, while a folio-type case will protect the device both from the impact, as well as keep its LCD from being scratched through daily use.

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