How to Manage and Control Storm Water Runoff (Fact Sheet)

“Properly managed, stormwater can be a valuable resource. When it is not, it can create problems. Rain gardens and rain barrels are two ways you can address stormwater.”


This fact sheet examines potential risks to the environment and your health from storm water runoff. Two areas are covered:

  • Part 1
    Reducing pollutants in runoff

    Pollutants can include pesticides and chemicals, automotive wastes, grass clippings and yard waste, pet and animal manure, and winter salt and de-icers.
  • Part 2
    Landscaping and site management to control runoff

    Some ways to help control runoff are preventing soil erosion, providing basement flood protection, landscaping, providing proper roof drainage, and minimizing paved surfaces.

Completing this fact sheet will help you evaluate how storm water affects the environmental quality of your property and properties downstream. You will also learn ways to reduce pollution risks.