How to Increase Life of Your Appliances



Home is our refuge. We always wish it to stand out and thus we even invest in the most high-quality and most expensive furniture, decorations and appliance. The house can be simply built with the best interiors, decoration and arrangement yet it’s challenging to maintain it. It could be able to sustain its attractiveness for a couple of years however at some point it’ll lose its appeal particularly if it’s not taken care thoroughly. It is the same with maintaining our appliances. Maintaining them doesn’t only involve cleaning and wiping the exteriors but it’s more than that. Discovering how to maintain them properly is significant to make sure that they’ll last for long and in addition make it sanitary for the household.

Not all the appliances we have, requires the same maintenance. The appliances we’ve got such as kitchen range, oven, refrigerators, washer, dishwasher and many more at home require distinct cleaning techniques so you should be extra careful in doing so. There are those who are just easy to clean but there are also those that are intricate.

a)    Fridges – In cleaning refrigerators, make sure to unplug first then shut off the knob, remove all kinds of things within then start off cleansing the racks and shelves. It is possible to remove the racks and clean them with water and soap similar to cleaning up dishes. In cleaning the interiors of the refrigerator utilize a sponge or soft cloth and carefully get rid of all dirt.

b)    Washer or dryer – Make use of soap and water in cleansing the outside surface of the appliance and make use of a damp cloth to clean and take away dirt inside.

c)    Microwave – You’ll find 4 solutions to clean your microwave. You can consider a vinegar, lemon, dishwasher and baking soda mixture. Simply put any mixture within the microwave and allow it to cook for 3-5 minutes and don’t open the microwave yet after time is up.

d)    Dishwasher – the trick to maintain a dishwasher is by using it routinely so you don’t have to cleanse it constantly. Once a week, check out inside the dishwasher and make sure that there is no debris or dirt that could clog the holes and avoid the water from running freely. Additionally you can make use of a cloth to clean up the exterior surface and the sides.

e)    TV or computer – Use a paper towel or soft cloth to completely clean the surface and ensure that to unplug before cleaning. For plasma TV, be sure to use a soft cloth.

f)    Kitchen range – Baking soda is ideal for stuck on food particles in your kitchen range. Just be sure to wipe the mixture gently with soft cloth.

Overall, you must take the time to clean and check your appliance to know their condition and carry out immediate repair when required. Maintaining is not only to ensure they will last for very long but it is a great way of ensuring the health and safety of your family. Spend some time to look at the manual for guide and do not attempt to fix it if you’re not familiar with its components. At the end of day, you are going to reap all the work you have done in maintaining your appliance.