How to choose the best smart speaker for you

“There’s a good chance that your first smart home device will be a smart speaker.  It can do things like look up the weather and sports scores, turn on your coffee maker, read you a book or even change the channel on your TV. You need to decide which voice assistant you prefer  and what features are most important to you. Is music quality highest? Does it need to play Spotify? Is video important? Does it need to connect to your other speakers and smarthome gadgets? If you’re shopping for a smart speaker, here’s how to decide which model and brand fits your needs and some advice on what to do once you own one.”

Smart speakers

So you’ve decided to upgrade your home with a smart speaker. What, you thought it was just a matter of choosing which Amazon Echo you prefer? Think again: At this stage, it’s probably easier to list the tech companies that don’t sell their own smart speakers.

After the Echo hit the market in 2015, the Google Home followed last year, and the Apple HomePod will arrive this December. Now audio companies are joining the fray: Sonos is introducing a new speaker that has Amazon’s Alexa on board, and some speakers, like the Harman Kardon Invoke, now come equipped with Microsoft’s Cortana AI assistant.

With some manufacturers offering whole families of smart speakers, you have a lot of devices to choose from. In this guide, we’ll break down the differences and show you how you can choose the best smart speaker for your needs…


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