How to Buy a Smoke Detector

“Amongst all the home gadgets, the most beneficial and worthy investment are those that will help protect and secure your home. Just like in fireproofing the home, one of the most important home gadgets that any homeowner should invest is a smoke detector. But before your buy one, you need to ensure that you have read this tip to guide you in your shopping.”


What the best smoke detector has



  • Battery backup. Many smoke detectors run using AC power. That’s a great alternative, and something that’s required in new construction in some locales — that is, until the power goes out. To ensure your protection is intact under all circumstances, most AC-powered smoke detectors have a battery back-up. It can be easy to forget that those batteries are there, but it’s no less important to check back-up batteries regularly, and change them as needed.
  • Reasonable installation. For existing buildings, battery-powered smoke detectors are easier to install than hardwired units, negating the need to fuss with electrical wiring. In addition to the electrical connection, you may need to run a wire from smoke detector to smoke detector if your model is interconnectable, though opting for wireless connectivity can eliminate that last consideration. For new construction, however, a hard-wired unit makes sense, and might be required in some towns, cities and states.
  • Easy maintenance. It’s easier to change batteries in some smoke detectors than others. While some models require almost complete disassembly, others have convenient slide out trays so that batteries can be changed without even removing the detector from its wall or ceiling mount.
  • Testing functionality. The best smoke detectors have a test function to ensure the unit is working adequately, such as a button you press.
  • Freedom from false alarms. All smoke alarms may go off periodically under false pretenses, such as smoke from …


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